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You Cannot Force Disabled People To Work If They Are Unable To Do So

Expecting people to work from home when they are physically too sick to do so is dangerous. There are many reasons why a person may be unable to work, even from home.

When I was well enough to work from home two days a week, it still didn't go well as the work would stress me so much that I would have a tic attack and involuntarily roll around on the floor. I had a tic where I would close the laptop whilst working on it. I also had a tic where I would involuntarily delete important links - you can't work when you have tics like this. Working from home is no different.

As well as this, I struggle with muscle weakness and post-exertional malaise. Some days I have weakness of the muscles behind my eyes which causes pain and blurred vision. This makes it hard to read. I also get weakness in my hands that can make it hard to type sometimes.

On bad health days, I cannot even sit up for very long. How do they expect people to work when they can't read properly, type much, or even sit up for long some days? It just goes to show that the government doesn't understand the complexity of disability.

When I had severe OCD, my psychologist wrote that I couldn't "perform any task successfully." I couldn't use a laptop because I would scroll up and down continuously and whack it on the floor, I would rip paper from books, I couldn't dress myself or use the toilet in my home...

How on Earth does the government expect people to work from home when they are THIS impacted by their disability??

Disabled people do not choose not to work - we just can't.

I cried so many times about the fact that I cannot work as I would have loved to continue working in a specialist Autism school or work with people with mental health needs. Many of us struggle with intense guilt, shame, self-blame, feelings of worthlessness, and boredom due to not being able to work. It isn't fun.

If the government really wants to "help people get back into employment" then maybe they should provide appropriate treatment for PANDAS/PANS and Persistent Lyme under the NHS instead of expecting us to pay out of pocket for essential medical care.


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