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Handwriting issues in Tourette's and PANDAS / PANS

Handwriting difficulties experienced by people with Tourette's can occur for many reasons:

-Dysgraphia (specific learning difficulty affecting handwriting)

- Compulsions involving rewriting and crossing out what is written

-Hypermobility ( loose joints bending back further than normal, more common in the Tourette's community than in the general population)

-Fine motor coordination difficulties

-Low muscle tone

-Tics that involve ripping up paper

- Tics that involve scribbling on or stabbing the page with the pen

-Undetected PANDAS/PANS that can affect handwriting legibility

-Tics that involve throwing pens and pencils

-Tics that make it difficult to focus on the writing task and motor tics that make us jerk and make errors

-Visual processing issues may impact note taking from copying

- Brain allergies triggering neuroinflammation and impacting handwriting

- Coprographia (involuntarily writing or drawing inappropriate content as a tic, someone may avoid writing tasks due to this or have these tics incorporated into the work which can lead to misunderstandings)

Some ideas on ways to manage handwriting difficulties:

- Use of word processor / laptop

- Having a scribe

- Audio recordings, speaking instead of writing where possible.

- Some pencil grips may help with Dysgraphia for some people

-Finding ways to mange specific symptoms and addressing the root

-Tying pens to someone's wrist may help with pen throwing so the pen doesn't go anywhere

-Using pens with a thicker grip may help some people with handwriting legibility and fine motor coordination

-Being understanding in regards to illegible handwriting and poor presentation and knowing that tics may show up on paper (scribbling, stabbing page etc) 💚


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