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Welcome To The Ticcers Unite Website

I hope that the information on this site is helpful! Check out my blog posts for recent content and click the social media icons in the right hand corner to see my videos and posts regarding Tic Conditions, PANS/PANDAS, OCD, and Autism. 

This website has been created as a hub of information and support for families dealing with PANDAS / PANS, Tourette Syndrome, OCD, Autism and related conditions. We hope to create a world where the road to diagnosis is smooth and where people can get the care and support that they desperately need. Everyone in the community deserves to be able to live their best possible quality of life and to thrive.

Recent Blog Posts:

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Ticcers Unite YouTube

To open up a link to my YouTube Channel, click on the brain image to the side of this text. I make YouTube videos about Tics, OCD, PANDAS/PANS, and Autism.

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If you would like to support me financially for the blog posts and YouTube videos I create, then I would be eternally grateful and you could support me through my Buy Me A Coffee Page. There is a monthly membership service called 'Happy Ticcers', and those under this membership will be able to access exclusive content. 

Ticcers Unite is raising awareness of Tics. OCD, PANS and more. (

My Book Is Out Now!

Musings On A Margin | Poems On Mental Health, Chronic Illness, Love & Neurodiversity: Worthington, Romy: 9798397910989: Books


Musings on a Margin is a poetry book that I have been writing over the past four years. It is split into five sections - the chronic illness collection, the mental health collection, the love collection, the society collection, and the neurodiversity collection. Poems cover topics such as OCD, PANS, Tourette's, Medical Gaslighting, Disability Justice and more. 

If You Need To Contact Me Please Email:

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